Friday, January 31, 2014

happy weekend!

januaries are never fun. everyone is sad the holidays are over. the cold is no longer joyful and nippy but harsh and never-ending. the snow seems to get dingy and brown when it used to be crisp and white. there is nothing festive in the stores and there are no fun holidays to celebrate. thankfully, january always seems to fly by, and this year was no exception. thankfully, tomorrow is february and i'm welcoming it with open arms. 

february will be a month of firsts for me. i'm having my first ever restaurant week meal with logan of windy city living at siena tavern tomorrow. after that, i'm going to my boyfriend's work dinner party (this will be my first time as a +1 at a work function and i am ridiculously excited!). this will also be my first valentine's day a boyfriend as well. i can't wait to deck our apartment out in red white and pink (Paper Source, here i come!) and make cookies, cupcakes, and hopefully some honeycomb

i hope you have a wonderful weekend and that your start to february is just fabulous. 


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