Thursday, January 23, 2014

snapshots from last weekend.

i know it's thursday and all, but i wanted to share some snapshots from my weekend in indiana. heading to south bend is always so relaxing... maybe it's because matt drives and i sleep the whole way? there is something about the sleepy forest surrounding his parent's house, the way his mom always greets me with hugs and kisses just like i'm one of her own children, the corn, chicken, and mushroom chowder she had ready for us after our drive, the quiet antique stores and downtown area. mostly, i think it is the way i'm welcomed into their home every time we visit, like i've been a member of their family for years. i always leave south bend feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and peaceful... and with a new haul of finds (that i'll be sharing in a post soon!). for now, here's a peak at how my weekend went... 

Frankie, Matt's parent's American Bull Terrier puppy

VIP @ Notre Dame hockey

met a new friend while antiquing 
(it is no secret i have an affinity for bulldogs, English or French)
a dresser i almost bought, but we didn't have room. 
i love the navy + white porcelain pulls. 
i have to DIY this!

bud vase perfection. 
i've wanted a bud vase collection like this for awhile, but it was too pricey. i hope i can find a cheaper version soon to put some spring flowers in!

matt wanted this. i did not.

the beautiful sunset on our drive home.

this weekend, i have another low-key trip planned to my college town to see yellowcard perform their acoustic tour with my friend kim from watch kim write things. i'm really excited to relive my high school music days, and then my college bar days immediately following the show. 

i hope the end of your week is productive,
& that this weekend is everything you wish it to be.


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