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as my blog name suggests, i've resided in several apartments. there was my first place: a long, light-filled 1 bedroom in naperville with a wood-burning fireplace, white mantle that i LOVED styling, and wood plank balcony where my cat would hang out. i would ride my old schwinn collegiate to downtown naperville and would read on the river walk. i'd eat sandwiches from the spicy pickle, cajun food from heaven on seven, tapas from meson sabikatango grill, & macarena tapas, mexican food & margaritas from potter's place, have happy hour at mullen's, and nights out at features and rizzo's

then there was my charming 4th-floor lincoln park apartment (subletted from my lovely friend lauren of the windy cardigan), with its vintage plaster walls and windows, hard wood floors, gorgeous all-white kitchen, teeny tiny bedroom that i adored, cast-iron tub, brick exterior, and fountain-filled courtyard. i spent many hot nights sipping cool white wine on the wooden fire escape/porch, looking out over the high-rises of lincoln park. i explored the neighborhood and fell even more in love with it. i ate korean tacos from del seoul and authentic tacos from angela's burrito style. i shopped for craft beers at the now-closed lincoln park market. i drank cider at the galway arms. i played trivia at state. i brunched at orange and sarks in the park. i gossiped over margaritas, chips, and guacamole with my best friend julie at zapatista (sadly no longer at the corner of fullerton and clark). i stopped at molly's cupcakes for dessert more times than i would like to admit. i would have sushi dates with rose at ringo. i shopped (and played ping pong at) the urban outfitters location on clark. it is also safe to say i tried frozen yogurt from every froyo establishment within a 5 mile radius of my apartment (generally eaten on the picnic tables in front of the wiener circle). as far as location and charm, this place was my favorite place i've ever lived.

after that was my summer in evanston. i lived with my friend annamalia and her dog, huxley, in an old yellow house. we would drink wine together on vintage lawn furniture in the huge backyard and have her friends (and dog friends over) for bonfires. we would take huxley to whole foods and the evanston farmer's market on saturday mornings. annamalia would make her grandmother's blueberry pie. i read and took naps in the hammock she strung up between two huge oak trees. i think i only went inside to sleep and shower. that yard was magical. 

after that summer, i moved in with two of my sorority sisters. we lived in a southeast corner unit on the 6th floor of a high rise. we had killer sunset views (and pretty good sunrise views as well). i had the smallest bedroom but it was beautiful; white walls, classic molding, and a huge window that let in amazing light. i didn't love our proximity to a major train switchyard, but my awesome roommates made up for it. we would have family dinners on sunday nights (either homemade or at jimmy's restaurant). we would go for beers, bbq, and live music at blues bar. we would spend hours watching millionaire matchmaker and dogs 101. christina, mike, matt, and i would go bike riding and then we would brunch at le peep cafe in full spandex. i would eat chicken pad thai at least once a week form thai square. matt would visit me and we would grill on the balcony (until we got a letter from the HOA that we were not supposed to have charcoal grills... whoops). i loved living there. 

now my boyfriend, matt, and i live together in a townhouse in the north suburbs. we are renting a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom in a quiet area. we're still easing into a routine here. we've done a lot of cooking and eating in, which my wallet and i love, but, as you can clearly see above, i tend to endear myself to an area by exploring its local gems. while we have a few on our shortlist of go to places for carry-out (including pita inndengeo's, and of course portillo's), i still don't feel completely settled. maybe it has to due with the fact that i'm still not completely unpacked and organized. maybe it's the dusty pink walls in our living room that make all of my instagram shots have a yellowish tint (which i hate). maybe it's the post-christmas slump; taking our tree and christmas card chain down make our living room feel bare and unorganized. my uninspired state has, of course, brought me to pinterest. i'm hoping to finally get our bedroom, dining room, and living room in order, little by little, this week. this weekend, matt and i are visiting his parents (and their new puppy!) in south bend, indiana. every time i visit, his mom and i find our way to the local antique stores. i've always bought vintage juice glasses, fire-king, pyrex, and linen on our visits in the past. however, while organizing our kitchen this weekend, i've come to the sad realization that i have more than i need. this weekend, i'm hoping to seriously browse for a new coffee table, a bar cart, art for our (yet-to-be-started) gallery wall, and a rug for in front of our fire place. 

i'll report back with my findings on monday. for now, here are images serving as inspiration for my hunt this weekend:

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