Saturday, May 31, 2014

hamilton beach!

I just made the most amazing smore cookies using the Hamilton Beach hand mixer.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


during winter, i become a creature of comfort. i forego any sort of cute footwear for Uggs and rubber rain boots. the minute i come home, i immediately trade my work pants for embarrassingly large and unflattering pants with my sorority letters sown on the butt (but they are sooooo comfortable). hoodies and sweaters are in constant rotation. 

but with the spring flowers coming out recently and mother earth showing off her finery, i've been making efforts to step my game up as well. 

i've been all about making gradual changes recently. i joined a gym, am scouting out local studios, am itching to get on my bike and ride around our neighborhood, and i've got serious spring cleaning on the brain. getting back in shape and having a clean home make me a happier human. something else that makes me happy? putting effort into how i look. my work uniform for the past few months has been jeans + long sleeve shirt + birkenstock clogs. no make-up or my trademark chunky michael kors watch. comfy? sure. did i feel great about how i was presenting myself? no. 

instead of doing a huge wardrobe overhaul, i'm making gradual changes. as in any habit, i believe the changes that stick are the ones you make gradually and give yourself and your body time to get used to. after all, you don't go from lethargy to running a marathon, do you?

i've taken a page out of emily of cupcakes and cashmere's book and i've decided to follow her tagline: elevate everyday life. not everyday has to be a party, but it should be special. and little things like smoking slippers with bows on them and a pastel manicure are two things making me feel just a little bit better today. 

springtime essie manicure i got for a friend's wedding 

how do you elevate your everyday life?