Monday, April 14, 2014

weekend update (4/11-4/13)

trader joe's poutine for dinner on friday.

i had a captive audience for my dinner. the cats also insisted on watching sisterhood of the traveling pants two. i couldn't say no to those faces... although they really just look like eyes on bodies.

i attended the media brunch at davanti enoteca's river north location on behalf of chicago food bloggers with my friend kate and had the food coma to end all food comas after it was over. i can't wait to share a post about the event with you all. everything i ate was literally out of this world and was a refreshing take on italian food. the bloody mary bar set up was unbelievable (see my rendition of the classic brunch cocktail above). i also got to meet and network with other local foodies. a great saturday afternoon.

savoring the 70+ degree weather on saturday.

sunday morning breakfast: red velvet doughnut from glazed & infused in river north

a dreary sunday called for a long walk past my favorite house and lush crocuses in my parents' neighborhood.

this past weekend in chicago was beautiful. people were wearing shorts and sandals! i was even hot in my long sleeve tee, jeans, and flats i wore to the media brunch. i came home, rolled myself to our back patio (food coma, oof), and camped out on a blanket for a few hours, reading and sipping a blue moon. it was just the respite i needed, and it came just in time, because it is supposed to snow today. chicago, i don't get you. saturday's weather had me dreaming of summer and the music festivals i'll be attending. my pinterest is currently a mass of jean shorts, scuffed up boots, sun-bleached hair, flower crowns, and breezy stops. sun, i miss you! please come back!

this week, i'll continue working on my 40 bags in 40 days challenge and will hopefully be able to make it out for some post-work walks and bike rides. temperatures are supposed to creep up into the high 50's on wednesday. fingers crossed they keep going up! 

what is on your plate this week?



  1. I am absolutely missing Chicago right now. I'm in my second country-seaside home away from my big-city glam jam life. Your pictures are so comforting. I'm looking forward to seeing you at Chicago Food Blogger Events when I get back at the end of the summer. Keep posting! Keep me in the loop!

    And please come to Canada. Trader Joes does not do poutine right.