Tuesday, April 8, 2014

life lately.

hello there! here's what i've been up to lately. let's start off with my good friend/former roommate's/sorority sister's birthday/engagement party. i never say no to craft beer, bagel bites, and an evening full of catching up with my college friends/KD sisters.

summit beer + bagel bites

local eats from Fuji Sushi Thai - and i was so disappointed. i love trying new sushi places but the rice was sticky, congealed, and came off in one piece. it clearly came in a roll or something and was not fresh. the texture and consistency was just gross. i only moderately enjoyed the rolls in the bottom row because they were covered in avocado, salmon, and sauce... and even then the  quality of the crab and shrimp on the inside of the rolls i ordered was extremely sub-par. they definitely were defrosted and not fresh. where they said crab was used, it was was actually crabstick. using crabstick is fine but only okay when it is specified it is being used in a roll. the smelt roe on the rolls on the bottom left was congealed and seemed stuck to the rice, like it came on it in a mat. i ended up throwing majority of the top tray away... even wine couldn't help me wash it down. unfortunately, i will not be back. i'm happy to stick to my favorite Hakuya Sushi

in happier food news, grilling season has begun! we have a brand new forest green weber grill on our patio that is already getting plenty of use. above is grilled salmon with old bay seasoning. please excuse me and my watering mouth...

full post coming on this soon, but i was invited to the opening of TÊTE Charcuterie last weekend and wow... i was in heaven. i am a huge fan of cured meats and curated cheeses and wine. this was practically all i ate when i lived in barcelona. i cannot wait to share a full post about the opening. in the meantime, here is a sneak peek:

caroline and i in her river north apartment before we headed out

spuds mackenzie tattoo - my boyfriend's family has the same dog!

jackson blues cocktail

my favorite - the enhhhhhh - i love egg-based cocktails

on sunday, my family had a cozy birthday celebration for my mom:

so naturally i got in some cuddle time with my cat, bill.

spring is popping up around our front yard:

purple crocuses, one of my favorites.


and we adopted 2 river-otter-like cats. they are former barn cats and best friends for life. they chirp at each other and it is pretty adorable. they're still warming up to us. i can't wait till they're lap cats.

recently, i was approached by one of my long-time favorite brands to review two of their products, and i'll be hosting my first giveaway next month! and i've just scored an invite to a restaurant downtown that i've been wanting to try for a long time for brunch! exciting things are happening over here at apartment pants!

what have you been up to lately?


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