Wednesday, April 30, 2014

motivated & accountable.

i feel like a big part of my personal blogging and the blogs i follow is motivation. motivation to work out more, eat healthier, dress more stylishly, keep an organized home, spend less money, take more beautiful photographs. i talk a big game on my blog, but i will be honest, a long day takes it out of me. usually all i want is take-out, a glass of wine, and a netflix marathon when i get home from work. i don't feel like hanging up a gallery wall, cleaning out my bathroom cabinet, folding laundry, running a few miles, or cooking tilapia and spring greens for dinner.

my question is: how do you stay motivated? how do you get yourself to the gym after work instead of parking it on the couch? any insight would be much appreciated. you're talking to a girl with a brand new gym membership who needs inspiration to kick all aspects of her life into gear!

this is what i love about blogging: a built-in community of support. let's help each other out.
-praying that this becomes your mantra whenever you have doubt and that you believe it. praying for a thorough day of preparation. praying for a restful night of sleep. praying for complete understanding of the questions that result in the best answers possible. praying that your confidence gains momentum to catch up with the confidence others have in you. YOU CAN DO IT!! <3

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  1. I like to work out first thing in the morning (especially now that the weather is nice!) but if I have to work out at the end of the day, I change into gym clothes and go AS SOON as I walk in the door - otherwise I get stuck in the ass vacuum and can't get out!